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Alison McCreesh has lived in Yellowknife since 2009 and has travelled extensively throughout the Canadian Arctic and the Circumpolar World.  Alison works in a range of media, both digital and analog, to create northern themed illustrations that are engaging, relatable and humourous.


Engage - Communicate - Connect 

Most recently, Alison is happy to have worked on visual communications with local clients such as :

Ecology North. The NWT Association of Communities. The Government of the Northwest Territories : MACA, HSS, ECE, EIA.  The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. De Beers. The City of Yellowknife. The NWT Literacy Council. WSCC.  NWT Recreation and Parks. JTFN. La Fédération Franco-ténoise.  The Mackenzie Valley Impact Review Board. 


Photo by Pat Kane

‘The participants enjoyed the real-time creation of an image of our collaborative work, and were empowered by seeing their thoughts reflected with such respect and care. Alison brought a new dimension, value, and connection to a fairly high-level workshop, and engaged us all in a meaningful way, as collaborators and audience.”

 -Nancy MacNeill, Cannabis & Community Wellness Action Planning Session
(Dept of Health and Social Services, GNWT)


“Alison has helped Ecology North turn boring guidelines into fun and exciting products that have been well received across Northern Canada.  Her style, professionalism, and ability to understand what is needed and turn that into amazing illustrations is unparalleled.”

-Craig Scott, Executive Director, Ecology North

"We were blown away by how effectively Alison was able to capture and synthesize all of the conversations that took place during our Forum.  Having such attractive and interesting visual minutes makes it so much easier to demonstrate what was discussed to those who did not attend; it also makes it easier for participants to see their conversations reflected in the minutes.
We continue to constantly use our visual minutes more than a year after our event and yet we would have likely not have referenced a traditional set of minutes at all.

Alison’s work has made a big difference  in continuing the momentum of our Forum after the fact. "

-Sara Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Territories Association of Communities

Please note, this is my business website, For information about my graphic novel and fine art projects,

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